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desirable nonessentials

desirable nonessentials

Sorrelli Jewelry, Riveting Romance Austrian Crystal Cuff Bracelet
Sorrelli Jewelry, Riveting Romance Austrian Crystal Cuff Bracelet


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Learning the importance of accessories, at an early age! Camels Dublin Zoo visit with Mom


Darby Jones’ is relatively new to the world, yet our founder has always been attracted to nifty, cool and pretty things. Admittedly a born fanatic of handbags, shoes, glossy magazines, and of course dogs, Laura gained invaluable experience at an early age working in her sister’s boutique. Having studied Design Communications at the College of Marketing and Design Dublin, Ireland, she carved a career spanning 25+ years within the retail and wholesale industries to further satisfy this inherent love of personal and home accessories. 

Darby Jones opened its flagship lifestyle gifts location in Portland’s Deering Center neighborhood, August 2018. Offering a solid assortment of the best brands in the industry, with selections from both artisanal start-ups and globally recognized brands. 

Offering handmade jewelry , accessories, leisure apparel, baby gifts, pet products, Eco-friendly home decor and bar-ware, stationery, greeting cards, party supplies, books, imported goods from Ireland, Scotland and Britain, and a personalized gift basket service among numerous additional categories. We continue to broaden our carefully  curated collections. Our online assortment is quite select whilst in-store you’ll enjoy a wide variety. 

To thank customers for shopping at Darby Jones we offer complimentary gift wrap, free local delivery and a customer rewards loyalty program with a personalized touch. A classic in-store system allows shoppers to track purchases without the hassle of a punch card, whilst earning a percentage back in the form of a Darby Jones Gift Card on every purchase. 

Family history, Wedding Day

What's with the name?

A nod to our founder’s ancestors, Darby Jones is derivative of the surnames of each of Laura’s grandmothers! Catherine McDarby (second from right) and Bridget Jones (second from left). Both were, without doubt, two remarkable women of strength, and well ahead of their time!

Logo inspiration, well loved childhood toy dog.

What's with the logo?

Our logo, designed by the exceptionally talented Andy Johanson of Pittsburgh, PA was inspired by a beloved childhood toy of Laura’s! Imagine he survived being played with and, carried everywhere over forty years ago and since then traveled over 3,000 miles to be newly discovered by Laura’s children when they were little! Laura’s eldest son had the brilliant idea to incorporate this tiny, well-loved plastic dog into the Darby Jones logo and we all agreed, he is perfectly imperfect to hail as our icon.